Name Carma Marketing Hub
Customers Mid-size to Fortune 500
Platform Web, smart phone apps

Carma Marketing Hub (CMH) is the main tool from Compost Marketing AB to use and administer all one-to-one (emails, web apps, app push, sms-text and web sites) marketing communications. I worked 4 years at Compost Marketing AB in Stockholm developing tools, campaigns and templates for CMH.

I developed campaigns, as well as templates for sendouts – from graphical design to implementation in both markup (html/css) and the tools to make it as simple as possible for the user to create using the templates.


The client wanted a complete revamp of the strategy and look of their email marketing. The audience are students. Young men and women in their early twenties with limited budgets.

The purpose of this revamp was to further traffic to the companys’ web site. ICA had been aclient of ours for quite some time so we had vast amounts of data of their customers behaviour. We tracked clicks and open rates and amount seconds an email was opened.

ICA had a fairly decent openeing rate of their emails. Most of the recipients had manually signed up for the sendouts and gave “coupons” and “inspiration” as their main reason to do so.

Client: ICA Student*
Channel: Email
Goal: Increase traffic to web page by 200%
Timeframe: 3 months

* Swedish retailer with a focus on food and health.

The templates ICA Student had been using was decent but not created for the audience, but rather a re-purpose of the send-outs for their larger ICA brand.

As this particular audience have different needs and wants and care more for aesthetics and presentation a completer redesign was in need. The old templates also followed the brand guidelines of 2012 and the brand had evolved since.

We relied heavily on the vast amounts of data to drive the design for the revamp. Opening rates of emails always peaked when ICA used subject lines with promises of free samples or gifts for their customers. Not very surprising. However, the ROI couldn’t rely on giving away physical goods in every send-out. Diving deeper into the data showed simplying planning for- and cooking was a deep need for many of the recipients.

Click through rates showed clicks where prevalent in the HERO article and the coupons (always included in the emails). Periphery articles and articles not related to the main subject of the email had very low click rates. We devised a plan for the marketing team at ICA Student to focus each send-out to one specific subject/product. Remove all extra content and blog articles and solely focus on the matter at hand.

We directed every piece of the send-out to revolve around the core. All links to video material, recipes, cooking tips, etc where related to buying avocados. ICA already had a vast collection of recipes on their site with attached grocery lists that consumers could add to their accounts – we just showed them how to channel this info in the most efficient way (for click rates).

Another clicked part of their existing send-outs where the coupons and deals. We wanted to present ina more playful matter to increase the rates even more. The content was already interesting enough to garner a decent rate, but we felt they could do more still.

A slight CSS trick with some tilting, shadowing and smooth animations (possible in HTML5 + CSS3 enabled clients) was the suggested solution.

Looking at the audience’s (students between 19-25) online behaviors; we found they frequently visited image sharing sites like, 9gag a lot. We looked for popular content on the sites that somehow could be related to food and found animated GIFs’ of food being prepared where extremely popular. Most of these where copyrighted content from other food related sites (BuzzFeeds “Tasty” to name one), but since ICA has their own in-house video production and kitchen we advised to shoot a few short videos in the style of these popular shorts.

The end results where staggering. The goal was to increase the click rate to 200% of the starting percentages. After six months of use, the click rate had grown with 531%!

The demo, in html