Engine Unity 5
Platform PC
Time 2 weeks

My contributions

A 2.5D platformer where the focus was on creating UI.


Making a boring menu playful

I deliberately made the menu graphics strict and stale with straight lines and basically no frivolous ornaments or personality.

The idea was to try and make this strict art style feel playful.

I didnt want to add playful colors but rather use animations to convey a springy and snappy personality to the menu items.

On the right is the main menu of the game (zoomed in view).

Enormous attention to detail was taken in making the timing of the animations, especially the options smashing in to view with an individual delay (the head leading the tail).

The pause menu was given a similar treatment.

I wanted to let the menu drop down from above and bounce into place (and exit like they are being yanked) as if they where dropped without care from an unseen hand. The boxes then move to their predetermined places as if by a magnetic force.


Made in 2 weeks in Unity 5 at Futuregames 2017.

I did

  • UI
  • …everything else

Note: Game supports joypad.

Download for Windows (64bit)